Transcription Services

With more than 2500 professional language specialists each having over 10 years of real-time working experience, Multi-langue is proud to offer you the highest quality language transcription services in Cape Town, South Africa.
Our large selection of language combinations has over 500 language combinations. NO JOKE!
This makes sure we’re able to deal with even the most difficult language translation or transcription jobs in the world. Whether the language you want us to translate or transcribe is extremely popular, semi popular or only restricted to a region or community, we will get you covered.
We operate in the Southern Africa, but thanks to our virtual offices in France, Brazil and Spain we are able to provide quality multilingual communication services to a significant part of the world.
We have been offering quality language solutions and specialized translation, transcription, Braille and communication services to all kinds of industries since 2013. We are glad to help any industry that can benefit from our language translation and communication services, and enhance its productivity.
Banking and Finance industry, Luxury and Fashion industry, IT and Technology industry, Education and Government agencies, Engineering companies, Pharmaceutical companies - you name it. Let us know if you are looking for multilingual communication services or language transcription services in Cape Town or anywhere in the world. We'd love to help!

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